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The easiest way to get a reliable, used instrument!

Working on meeting the needs of many organizations such as music schools or parishes which have a limited budget, our company offers assistance in purchase of used instruments. Thanks to the wide network of contacts, we have access to many interesting pipe organ sales offers, especially in Germany and the Netherlands. We organize the whole relocation process, which includes:

  • documentation (photographic and acoustic) and measurements of the target location interior,
  • sales offers analysis in order to determine which instrument is the most suitable one for the customer needs and target location conditions,
  • inspection and documentation (photographic and acoustic) of the chosen instrument at the original location,
  • disassembly, packaging and preparation for the transport,
  • loading, transport and unloading,
  • reassembly at the target location, adjustments, voicing, tuning,
  • extended maintenance.

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