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The best ultimate solution: OrgNG4 system by T2Logic

Our company is the exclusive manufacturer of a comprehensive control system to for all key action as well as stop action functions of the pipe organ.

The feature that distinguishes our system from other solutions is its modular design and scalability. OrgNG4 gives you the ability to link together up to 4 consoles and any number of pipe organs and communicate them wirelessly.

An example of the OrgNG4 system configuration (two pipe organs and two consoles merged into one great instrument):


Some of the OrgNG3.x system features:

  • modular digital system consisting specialized devices embedded in consoles and instruments;
  • in the case of wired connection, OrgNG3.x allows the organbuilder to reduce the console wiring to just one single thin ethernet cable;
  • for wireless connection (2.4GHz RF transmission) - elimination of console wiring;
  • in the case of multi-console ensemble: real-time mutual registration data exchange between all consoles;
  • significant saving for wiring and other electrical materials within the instrument (division drivers just next to the windchests);
  • possibility of interconnection between the organs and other instruments equipped with standard MIDI input/output or with any other, according to the order, i.e. in order to create a hybrid pipe-electronic instrument;
  • an optional remote controller for tuning and voicing;
  • combination memory (ferroelectric type, which doesn't wear out, unlike the widely used flash type);
  • additional features such as: disabling speech of particular stops (an engaged but disabled stop is indicated with a separate color), redefinable tutti, redefinable reeds (anches), programmable crescendo, quick and easy memory bank access, "registration hold" function;
  • piston, function of which can be chosen from TFT touchscreen menu;
  • large and readable color touchscreen with easy menu;
  • energy saving option - automatic blowers shutdown after certain time of inactivity;
  • energy saving through dynamic magnets/actuators power adjustment;
  • remote swellbox driver;
  • ±12 semitone transposer;
  • programmable couplers (any division to any keyboard with any offset/interval);
  • floating divisions;
  • custom features, according to the needs.

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