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The country's first comprehensive wireless control system
integrating two pipe organs and two consoles, based on OrgNG3.0

  • Automated tracker action instrument, equipped with individual drivers for each division
  • OrgNG3.0 central processing unit
  • automated mechanical (tracker system) main console
  • combination memory with intelligent magnetic stop knobs driver in the main console
  • wireless mobile console
  • wirelessly controlled mobile pipe organ
  • both consoles equipped with touchscreens for easy access to features configuration
  • data exchange between all independent modules of the system (eg. current combination syncing)
  • swellbox servo controlled from the mobile console
  • many easements regarding key action, eg. any-to-any division couplers
    with configurable -12 to +12 semitones transposition
  • wireless remote controller for tuning and voicing the pipes

Gdynia-Obłuże (Poland), st. Andrew Bobola parish

Performance during an organ concert with the use of two organs at opposite sides of the church, controlled with the T2Logic wireless mobile console:


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