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OrgNG v3/v4

Pipe organ key and stop action driver, a comprehensive system integrating up to four consoles and any number of instruments using wired and wireless data transmission
  • modular digital system consisting specialized devices embedded in consoles and instruments;
  • in the case of wired connection, OrgNG3.x allows the organbuilder to reduce the console wiring to just one single thin ethernet cable;
  • for wireless connection (2.4GHz RF transmission) - elimination of console wiring;
  • significant saving for wiring and other electrical materials within the instrument (division drivers just next to the windchests);
  • possibility of interconnection between the organs and other instruments equipped with standard MIDI input/output or with any other, according to the order, i.e. in order to create a hybrid pipe-electronic instrument;
  • an optional remote controller for tuning and voicing;
  • combination memory (ferroelectric type, which doesn't wear out, unlike the widely used flash type);
  • additional features such as: disabling speech of particular stops (an engaged but disabled stop is indicated with a separate color), redefinable tutti, redefinable reeds (anches), programmable crescendo, quick and easy memory bank access, "registration hold" function;
  • piston, function of which can be chosen from TFT touchscreen menu;
  • large and readable color touchscreen with easy menu;
  • energy saving option - automatic blowers shutdown after certain time of inactivity;
  • energy saving through dynamic magnets/actuators power adjustment;
  • remote swellbox driver;
  • ±12 semitone transposer;
  • programmable couplers (any division to any keyboard with any offset/interval);
  • floating divisions;
  • short-octave emulation;
  • configurable pedal split;
  • custom features, according to the needs.

Gdynia, 2016

Bleiswijk / Rotterdam, 2017

Łódź, 2017

Jarosław, 2018

Nysa, 2021

Jarosław, 2021

OrgNG v1.x

New generation versatile key and stop action driver system, MIDI encoder for organ consoles and MIDI decoder / magnet driver providing extraordinary features

  • ability to drive action of a pipe organ with up to 6 manuals and pedal, up to 254 stops;
  • MIDI standard protocol, external transmission enhanced with checksum and carried out by differential transceivers;
  • total electrical separation of keyboards and executive elements (e.g. magnets, actuators);
  • the serial bus application makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of wiring between the console
  • (often relatively distantly positioned) and the organ's internal mechanisms to one standard "ethernet" signal cable or even to use wireless connection (significant cost and material savings in the electrical installation);
  • ability to interconnect the pipe organ with other instruments and devices that are based on widely-used MIDI standard, i.e. to integrate the organ with other custom consoles or a computer to create a hybrid instrument;
  • ability to use a remote control for easy one-person pipe tuning;
  • internal "setzer" memory organized by any number of series, each containing ten combinations (0-9);
  • ferroelectric memory, which does not wear out, unlike commonly used flash-type memories;
  • large, easily readable LCD touch screen and comfortable icon menu for setting up system parameters;
  • SD-MMC or USB slot to save "setzer" memorized combinations on widely-available SD memory cards or pendrives;
  • energy-saving: automated blowers shut-down after a preset time and when the console power is turned off;
  • dynamic pulse-wave-modulated magnet power adjustment, which saves extra energy;
  • support for adjustable-depth and adjustable-speed tremulants;
  • ±6 semitone transposer;
  • fully configurable crescendo;
  • programmable coupler - coupling any division to any keyboard at any interval (offset in semitone resolution);
  • disabling of any stop (indication by the special stop-keys highlight color);
  • combination preview feature (no necessity to alter currently set combination when previewing the other one);
  • non-volatile HR ("hand register" combination) - HR status is restored after the console is powered off and then turned on;
  • ability to switch the manual order (manual numbers indicated by 7-segment LED displays placed near each manual)
  • or to link organ divisions to particular manuals independently;
  • other custom features may be implemented at the customer's request.



Skierniewice, T2Logic workshop, 2011

st. James, 2011

OrgNG DivDriver

OrgNG DivDriver - MIDI demux and action driver
  • OrgNG DivDriver is a compact driver for single pipe organ division, regardless of the key action type;
  • the module can drive a division up to 61-tones;
  • current and voltage surge protection and indicators;
  • separate tones and stops outputs;
  • extremely easy installation;
  • energy-efficient design;
  • invulnerable to electromagnetic noise;
  • small footprint, Rack 19" type chassis.

OrgNG DivDriver



Integrated power supply systems for pipe organ instruments
  • ability to work independently;
  • OrgNG system compatibility (energy management and efficiency improvement features);
  • includes omnifarious anti-surge and anti-shock protection devices;
  • mounted on a wall or within a Rack19" case.


Custom MIDI organ console

Pipe organ console adapted to the OrgNG system as well as to MIDI standard

  • provides all OrgNG features;
  • up to 6 manuals + pedalboard, floating divisions;
  • up to 254 stops;
  • compatible with other OrgNG consoles (ability to work as a part of a large ensemble);
  • any type of keyboards to choose from;
  • optional modular design in order to increase mobility;
  • any style of stop switches / knobs;
  • lamp-equipped music-desk;
  • lamp-equipped pedalboard.

Bielsko-Biała, 2016

Gdynia, 2016

T2Logic workshop, 2011

MIDI encoder

MIDI encoder for keyboards and stop switches
  • the device is intended to equip any keyboard and stop switches set with MIDI output;
  • with this encoder one can use an old, analogue instrument as a console for computer-based pipe organ simulator such as GrandOrgue or Hauptwerk;
  • it supports any type of stop switches or knobs, both mono- and bistable;
  • up to 5 manuals + pedalboard, up to 128 stop switches;
  • easy installation;
  • standard DIN5 output;
  • supply: 7-15V AC/DC.

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